Eilat’s fishing experience

Experience Fishing the Gulf of Eilat, one of Israel‘s most popular fishing sites, with professional fishing instructors.

The Gulf of Eilat is a deep-water gulf, so there are two main preferred times of fishing in it: early in the morning, or after nightfall.

Early morning fishing starts with trolling, that is, trailing a fish-like bait, in order to lure Tuna fish.

Then, the fishing boat anchors at waters between 40 and 120 meters deep, for bolo fishing, of a variety of Red Sea fish such as gropers,  Spangled emperors, or greater amberjacks.

Nighttime fishing includes a 4-hour sailing, aimed at catching swordfish, which, by day, stay at great depths, only rising close to the surface by nightfall.y

Every participant of our fishing trip will be given professional fishing gear, and we can also adjust the fishing technique to suit your requirements.

We strictly obey the fishing regulations protecting the marine life and Coral Reef of Eilat.

Our location:

Spiral Mall, Yachting Marina, Eilat, Israel

Phone:  (+972)50-445-4458

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