Eilat’s Water Sports

Fly on the Water, Eilat offers you a variety of thrilling water sports experiences, as well as cruising on board a 15-m long, fully accessorized luxurious sailing yacht.

The Red Sea in general, and the Gulf of Eilat in particular, due to its breathtaking Coral Reef, the nearby Edom Mountains, and the complimentary contrast of hot desert and cool water, all  make Eilat the destination of choice for many tourists all over the world.

Water sports make part and parcel of the experience of an Eilat vacation. Fly on The Water staff will make sure to find a variety of attractions for young and old, to turn your vacation into a thrilling experience.

The Extreme sailing experience of Eilat:

If you, thrill-seeking young people and families, want to make the most of what Eilat can offer in water sports, you can have four experiences at the price of one: combine a steering of a 350-Horse Power speedboat, Eilat’s fastest, with a tubing adventure, watching dolphins within a touch distance, and snorkeling through Eilat’s magnificent Coral Reef

Tornado –

An exciting water sports combination of steering of a 350-Horse Power speedboat, Eilat’s fastest, a guided sailing along the Jordanian border, and watching dolphins within a touch distance.

Waterskiing or wakeboarding

Whether you are beginners or experienced wakeboarders or water-skiers, we have the perfect deal for you: for beginners, a personal wakeboarding or waterskiing, carefully following safety regulations; for the experienced one, a thrilling experience, with your fun guaranteed!

Red Sea Snorkeling

Experience the magnificent beauty and tranquility of the Red Sea, in a snorkeling cruise. After laying anchor by a beautifully persevered reef, accompanied by a diving instructor, we shall dive to watch the breath-taking Coral Reef of the Gulf o Eilat, with its exotic tropical fish- a must experience for people of all ages.

For a glimpse at what we offer you, watch the clip: